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Storage Tips From Parramatta Removalist

Storage Tips From Parramatta Removalist


Whether packing to move to a new location, or simply trying to get the household under control, AAA City Removalist offers the following tips.

General Packing

When packing boxes for storage, consider that the items within need to be wrapped and protected. Use cartons, tape, paper, bubble wrap and plastic covers to maintain and protect the items. Do not overfill boxes or cartons as they can collapse and tip. Pack heavy items like tools and books in small cartons so that they can easily be moved. When packing books, be sure to pack the books flat, not on their spines. Pack and label all cartons with the contents and the room they belong in. This will make it much easier to find things.


White goods such as freezers and fridges should be complete dry and clean prior to storing the appliances. While being stored, ensure that the door is secured so that it is slightly ajar. Place a deodoriser in both the fridge and freezer to help maintain freshness. Do not place items inside the freezer or fridge as the lining and shelves can easily damage and stain.


When packing furniture to store, empty the contents of the drawers, wardrobes and cupboards to protect the structure and shelving of the pieces. Remove clothing and personal items to packed in a strong, secure carton with mothballs, naphthalene, and similar products to protect and maintain their condition. When possible, remove the legs from the pieces such as tables and bed frames to lessen the risk of damage. Vacuum and clean before you store.

Dishes and Glassware

Cushion the bottom of a box before you begin to pack the box. Wrap all dishes and glassware individually. Nest plates, saucers, bowls, and cups, on their edges. Cushion the sides of the container and all gaps, as well as the top of the container. Label the carton with the words “FRAGILE – THIS END UP”. Removalist Parramatta are expert in well packing and removing such items.

Mirrors, Windows, Screens, and Paintings

Mirrors, windows, screens, and paintings are all items that need care and attention when packing for storage. The items should be protected with bubble wrap or packed in a flat pack carton. Also, be sure when storing, to store the items on their edges in an upright position.

Battery Operated Appliances and Toys

All batteries should be removed before storing battery operated appliances and toys to avoid damage to the items should the batteries leak.


When packing computers, it is important to pay attention to the packing. If you have the original boxes, then they should be used for the packing. Wrap the items and pack them in their original boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes, then bubble wrap the items and used quality cartons to pack the computers. Be sure to cushion the bottom and top of the cartons. Also, cushion any gaps.

Mowers and Other Machinery

With mowers and machinery, all oil and fuel need to be drained from the machinery prior to packing. This will ensure that the risk of fire, leakage, spillage and damage.

Planning Your Storage Space

When planning your storage space, place heavy, large items in the back of the unit. Once the large items are stored in the back of the unit, continue to work forward and upward. Lighter and fragile items should go in the front of the storage. Depending on whether you’ll be in and out of the storage will depend on if you need to plan for walkways.

What Not to Store

Do not store inflammable, illegal, environmentally harmful, explosive, hazardous, perishable or anything that could cause risks like acid, chlorine, paint, and petrol.

Metal Items

Silver needs to be wrapped in NonAcid tissue paper or plastic bags as they can tarnish. Machine oil is perfect to use to Wipe cast iron and chrome to help retard rust.

Stereos, Televisions, and Videos

Electrical equipment needs to be packed with caution. If you have the original boxes, use them. If not be sure to wrap in a bubble wrap and then in cushioned cartons. Seal the top of the boxes. Cushion all gaps in the cartons. With turntables and record player tone arms, secure the parts / item to prevent damage while moving. Records should be packed on their edges in cartons to prevent warping.

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