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Sydney Removalists Tips & Tricks to Remove Furniture

Sydney Removalists Tips & Tricks to Remove Furniture


Sydney Removalists Tips & Tricks

Furniture and fragile items are the most difficult items to relocate.  Not packed and moved properly, property owners risk scratching, damage and breakage.  There are two ways that you can pack and move your furniture and fragile items.  You can have a removalist company Sydney complete the task, or you can do it yourself.   For property owners that will be completing the task themselves, AAA City Removalist offers the following advice.

Furniture Packing Tips

When moving furniture, you will need specific moving materials to ensure the safety of your furniture:

  • Plastic Wraps
  • Furniture Pads
  • Tape
  • Item Labels
  • Small Plastic Containers (for any screws, etc. from furniture that you dis-assemble)

Plastic wraps are used to wrap your furniture to help create a protection barrier around the piece when moving.  This helps to eliminate the risk of scratching and damage when moving.  Once you have cleaned your furniture, wrap the piece with a few layers of plastic wrap.  Items to wrap in plastic wrap include wooden furniture, couches, and glass furniture like chandeliers & mirrors.

Furniture pads are used to rest your heavy items feet.  On the bottom of the legs of couches, chairs, tables, etc. they are glued to the bottom to avoid wear and tear during the move.  With heavy furniture, often the furniture is dragged, causing damage to both the floor and the furniture.  Furniture pads will help to avoid this.

Labelling your boxes with furniture items like chandeliers, tabletops, mirrors, etc. is also important.  This will help you to keep better control of the items in your move, and help to organise you when you arrive at your new home.

How to Pack Fragile Items

Fragile items like porcelain and china need to be packed properly or the chances of breakage is high.  Eliminate the risk of chipping and breakage with the following tips from AAA City Removalists.

  • Before you begin to wrap & pack, get a notebook to list your fragile items.  Sort them in groups, according to their sizes, makes and features.  Then, decide on the different size moving boxes you will need for the items.
  • Get your packing tools & equipment together.  You will require different packing items like belted dollies & trollies, bubble wraps, packing tapes, different sized moving boxes, plain white paper and packing peanuts and padding.  When packing, all boxes should be labeled “FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP”.
  • Do not over pack boxes and pack like items.  Fragile items need to be packed so that they do not break.  Therefore, pack like items such as plates that fit into each other, and always have the heaviest items down at the bottom.
  • Take your time packing.  Don’t rush your packing, or you will find that you may not pack your items properly.
  • Hire a removal company if your budget permits.  A moving company will pack & move your fragile items minimising the risk of damage.

Electronics are another item that are considered fragile items and need to be packed and transported properly.

  • Dismantle your electronics to help reduce the risk of breakage.  Check your owner’s manuals and follow the instruction on how to disassemble the items and fit them back together.  Also, taking photographs of the products can also make things easier.
  • Be sure that when packing, you pack your electronic items in their original boxes, or the right size box.
  • Wrap separately.  Your electronic items should be wrapped & packed separately. Use bubble wraps to help minimise damage.

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