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Things Not to Overlook Prior to Your Move In Cronulla

Things Not to Overlook Prior to Your Move In Cronulla


There are many things involved in a move- and, aside from packing, there are things that you need to take care of or your move will be chaos. While moving takes its toll on a property owner, it is important to relax and realize that properly approaching your move will mean a move with less stress. There are many things you will need to contend to when moving to a new place, and the process is one that can seem to drag on forever. The following guidelines from Cronulla Removalist,  AAA City Removalist will help you to ensure you stay on top of your move.

Things that Will Need to Be Taken Care Of:

Hiring furniture removalists and movers like AAA City Removalist will take a great deal of the stress and strain of a move off your shoulders. There are things aside from packing and loading boxes that cannot be overlooked, or your relocation will be a nightmare. Contact your bank and utilities provider and let them know that you are moving and canceling any services as well as provide them with your new address so that final bills can be forwarded to your new address. If you will not be having professional movers help you with your relocation, then make begin gather your moving materials like boxes, mattress and bubble wrap, tape, newspaper, etc. Start to pack your items well before moving date. This will reduce the workload the days prior to your move, as well as help to eliminate stress.

Keep a notebook with essential information like contact details, to-do lists and important documents. You will find that having a notebook with all the essentials easy to access will also help you with your move. The Eastern Suburbs Removalist check all your things and they pack it neatly and safely. When it comes to packing your valuables, pack them separately. This also applies to other important documents like birth certificates, passports and important documents, as well as money. If you have hired furniture Removalists Sydney or Canberra, this still applies as your valuables should be transported with you and not the movers. If you have dependents, then be certain that they are prepared for the move. This doesn’t just mean that they are packed and ready, but are prepared both emotionally and physically. Prior to moving, you will have errands and tasks that cannot be overlooked, as well. You will find it much easier if you create a simple to-do list as this will help you to transition into your new place. Notify schools prior to your move. Too many parents forget to notify their children’s school in advance. Your children’s schools should be informed several months in advance. Also, let the administrators of their new school know if your child or children have any special needs and ask what information they require from their old school. Also, schedule a tour of the building. Find out who will be teaching your children and ask to sit in on a class with the children. Let caregivers know that you will be moving. You should inform them no less than a month prior to moving. Arrange child care. The worst thing in the world is to wait until the last minute to arrange child care and then end up with someone that you settle on. Schedule interviews and tour daycare centers well in advance and has someone scheduled and ready once you settle into your new place. Pack your “Open me first” box. By packing an “Open me first” box you will make the first night in your new home less stressful. Your box should include the essentials like toilet paper, batteries, flashlights, water bottles, blankets, etc. that will make your first night in your new home easy and organized. Keep your credit cards, license, medical records, passports and social security cards with you at all times. Don’t pack any of them. Make arrangements to disconnect and reconnect utilities prior to your move. Consider parking. Does your new home have regulations? Will the movers be able to park their van in front of the home? Are there parking meters you need to contend with? If you have pets, then make them as comfortable as possible during the move. Set up a pet-friendly spot in the home and have their favorite items, as well as food and water.

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