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Tips for a Cheap Sydney Move

Tips for a Cheap Sydney Move


The cost and time of moving certainly adds up; so, before you begin planning your Sydney relocation, take the following tips from AAA City Removalist into consideration.

Hire Local Movers

Movers can accomplish the task of moving an entire home in hours; while property owners typically take days to weeks to accomplish the same task. Movers are the muscle and the means to transport household belongings and furniture when relocating. They help keep things under control and stress down, and not people that most property owners want to do without during their move. Keep the costs of your movers down by hiring local movers, and hire the movers from two to four weeks in advance. You should obtain at least two to three quotes. If possible, move in the off season as moving costs will be cheaper. AAA City Removalists in Sydney provides property owners with quotes over the phone and on our web page.

Have a Yard Sales

You will likely have plenty of items that you decide won’t fit into your new home, or that you no longer need. Start sorting through everything. If you haven’t used it for a few years, then put it in the yard sale pile. If you no longer need the item, etc. put it in the yard sale pile.  You do not want to immediately clutter your home with things you no longer use or need. Old junk and unwanted items can quickly add up to dollars when you have a yard sale. Take all your old tee shirts, unwanted appliances, spare linens, kitchen appliances and everything in between and price them for a yard sale. You’ll be amased. You may end up with hundreds of dollars to devote towards your move.

Take Advantage of Your Luggage

Make old suitcases and duffel bags the ultimate moving containers by filling them with linens and towels, clothes and stuffed animals. Take one for every member in the family and fill it with everything they will need the first night into their new home. With doing this, you will keep the costs of boxes down, and have easy transport for needed items.


Get Used Boxes for Your Sydney Move

If you plan properly, you may not need to buy boxes. Ask your local vendors like your grocer and liquor store to save boxes for your move. You’ll find the boxes from the liquor store can be especially helpful for packing glassware as many contain dividers to separate the bottles when shipped. Ask neighbours to save newspapers, etc. Purchase any moving boxes like wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and packing paper from your mover who should offer a discount.

For more tips for your Sydney move, or to get a price for our movers to move you, contact AAA City Removalist.

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