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Tips for Labeling Your Boxes When Relocating in Sydney

Tips for Labeling Your Boxes When Relocating in Sydney


Labeling your boxes when relocating will make a tremendous difference in the organisation and unloading/packing in your move. Planning, organising and implementing your move are essential, and with a good labeling system in place, you will eliminate stress and time spent organising at your new home, and also be more likely to know what boxes may not have been loaded or not arrive at your new home. Consider the following tips from AAA City Removalists for labeling your boxes for a smooth relocation.

Tip 1

Tools of the trade. No labeling system will be capable if you don’t have the proper tools. Before you begin to pack, have your labeling materials. Gather quality markers, so that you can correctly label your moving boxes. You should have at least two permanent markers.

When moving, it is suggested that you use different colours for marking your boxes. So, a tip to the wise doesn’t just purchase black markers. Buy different coloured markers and be sure that they are of high quality, regardless of the temptation to buy the cheapest. AAA City Removalists suggests at least five different coloured markers. Your markers should be permanent and waterproof markers.

Labels are essential when moving to identify your boxes. Moving box labels can be downloaded via the computer as well as purchased from moving companies and office supply stores. Moving labels are convenient as they are marked with the names of the different rooms in a home so that you simply record the contents of the box. Labels are essential or your boxes.

Don’t stop at coloured markers to identify your boxes. Add coloured tape, as well. Doing so will help you to coordinate and identify your boxes better, offering a much better labeling system.

Tip 2

Colour coding. With colour coding, you choose a colour for each room. For instance, you may choose green for the kitchen. Everything packed from the kitchen will be packed into boxes that are labeled and taped with the colour green. This colour coding system is an efficient and simple labeling system that saves lots of time when ensuring that all boxes are packed, and quickly unloaded into the room they belong once they arrive.

Be sure that when colour coding boxes, you provide your movers with a list of what coloured boxes belong in what rooms.

Tip 3

Labeling with a number is another way to label boxes for a relocation. Instead of colours, label them with numbers. For instance, the kitchen may be room number 1. Designate a number for each room. When labeling boxes, record the number and all contents of the box on the side or top of the box.  The goal is to unpack easily and locate boxes once you arrive at your new home. Also, provide your movers with a list that corresponds the numbers to the rooms the boxes belong.

Tip 4

Your labeling system will make a difference in the efficiency of your relocation. When choosing a labeling system, choose one that you feel you can easily work with and recognise. You want to ensure that your boxes are labeled so that you can clearly read the contents inside, as well as FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP wrote on all boxes containing fragile items.

When applying your labels to the box take extra precautions to ensure that when they arrive at your new home, the names will still be attached to the box. Tape the label with clear tape, or consider gluing the label to help ensure they will stay connected to the box.

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