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Understanding All Aspects of Your Relocation in Blacktown – Right Down to the Contract

Understanding All Aspects of Your Relocation in Blacktown – Right Down to the Contract


When moving, it is important to understand all aspects of the move as there is much more than just packing and unpacking.

There are questions you’ll have and questions that should be answered. Consider the following as each is information you should have.

If your move is overnight, will your property stay in the same truck the entire time it is being transported? This is a question for movers that aren’t moving from one home to another in the same day. If you are moving interstate, ask if your property will be stored anywhere besides the moving truck. Some Companies may store the items briefly at the company depot. Ask the movers where your property will be stored, the security of the storage facility, and who will be responsible for it.

How long will the move take? Ask the movers how long the entire move will take, from start to finish. If the move is an interstate move ask what requirements are needed.

Can they track your belongings and make that information available to you?

Does the company outsource their moves? This is an important question as some companies outsource Interstate Destinations. It is important to know if the company you choose will be outsourcing the move and if so, who are the other movers and who will be responsible for damage to your property should it occur.

What packing services are offered? While some property owners prefer to pack themselves, some don’t. If you pack the boxes yourself, you must realise that you may be responsible for any damage to items in the boxes you packed.

Does the company provide packing materials like wrap, boxes and tape? The Removalist Blacktown should be able to provide you with packing materials. Some movers include the materials in the price of your move. Ask the mover what their policy is on packing materials.

Understanding Your Quote and Contract

When you hire a Sydney mover, you will have a quote and contract. A clear quote will address all events, with a timeline of each, and cover all possible charges without confusion, so you can easily compare it with other quotes.
When comparing companies, you’ll find that some charge by the hour, while others charge for a quantity. If your move is a large move or one that will be difficult with obstructions like permits, poor access or heavy and awkward items, extra costs may be charged.

When comparing quotes, take notice that companies that charge more per hour may work faster and offer more benefits.


Questions that should be addressed:

  • What is the call out rate, if any? How will it be charged?
  • Will it cost more if the move takes longer than the estimated time?
  • Will additional charges be added if it is difficult to access the property?
  • If charging by the hour, does this include travelling time to and from the depot? If so, what is the added cost?
  • Is the same rate charged for weekend moves? Evening moves?
  • Does the company offer insurance? Insurance is essential and, if the company does not provide insurance, you should take out insurance for your move. The company should be able to provide you with a Product Disclosure States and the Financial Services Guide, as well as answer all questions about the insurance.
  • What does the company’s insurance cover? If your property will be stored, will it be insured? What is the insurance policy for your items during transit? What are the exclusions?
  • When is payment required? If possible. choose a company that doesn’t require a total payment upfront. For interstate moves, the company may require a full payment upfront.
  • What paperwork will the company provide? Before the move, you should receive: If your items are on the moving van overnight, what will the security be? What is the physical address of the depot so you can visit?
  • How Do Removal Companies Charge?
  • There are different factors that will affect the price of the move, which include:
  • The number of your items – heavy items- high volume, etc.
  • What is the size of the crew you will require.
  • Will you have the crew pack for you?
  • Do you need strong packing materials provided?
  • What is the destination from the point A to point B?
  • Will strong packing materials be needed?
  • How will high valuable and difficult items be handled like pianos?

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