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What Not to Forget before Your Sydney Move

What Not to Forget before Your Sydney Move


You think your Sydney move is totally under control. You have everything packed. Your essential bag is in the car. You have the animals safe and secure. All your documents are neat and in order and next to you. Things couldn’t have gone easier. Still, you are almost sure you’ve forgotten something. Consider the following checklist from AAA City Removalists to be sure that you have handled everything from your big day.

1 Month before Your Relocation

As moving day approaches, you’ll find that things like subscriptions and memberships are forgotten as you are preoccupied with the move. Cancel all gym memberships, subscriptions, etc. You’ll find that many memberships may have a thirty-day notice cancellation policy. If for some reason you can’t get out of your gym membership, see if you can sell it through and have the membership transferred.

2 Weeks before Your Relocation

Two weeks before your relocation contact your car insurance company. It is especially important to contact your insurance company if you will be traveling through different states. Let them know that you are moving and that you want to ensure that there will be no rate changes that could effect your insurance coverage. not-to-forget-before-move Put in your change of address at the Postal Service or online. Doing this two weeks before your Sydney reaction, your mail should begin to arrive by the time you relocate.

1 Week before Your Relocation

Organising your finances is extremely important before your move. If you don’t have online banking, sign up for it as this is an easy way to transfer your statements to your new home. When setting up your new home, do the same. Have the phone, mortgage or rent, etc. set up for auto-pay through your bank, which is a nice convenience. Have other bills that will be transferred set up on auto pay, as well as this will be much easier while you are in the process of your Sydney move.

1 Week before Your Relocation

Take a full inventory of your valuables and your electronics. Remember that when you dismantle things such as your TV cables, the internet, etc., you will need to reassemble them. Take pictures that make it easy to reassemble your items once you are in your new home. Snap the pictures to the back of the computer, TV, etc. before you disassemble them. Pack your plants. Don’t forget to dig up any special plants that you planted in the yard for memory sake. Make a list of what plants you will be relocating and make a moving plan. Leave the shovels out, and have all the necessary moving materials to pack the plants. Pack your essentials box. Pack everything you will need immediately once you arrive at your new home. All hygiene products, paper towels, paper plates, clean sheets, toilet paper, pet supplies, etc. Have a bag packed with snacks and beverages for the trip, as well as things for dinner and breakfast when you first arrive at your new home. With proper planning, your Sydney move will be successful! For more moving tips, please read more on AAA City Removalists blog. For more information on Sydney relocations, please contact us directly at the number below.

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