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What Not To Leave Off The Checklist for Your Sydney Move

What Not To Leave Off The Checklist for Your Sydney Move


Big or small, moving is stressful. Items must be properly packed, timeframes must be met, and expense seems to grow as the move gets closer. You worry that you may forget something. With so much to prepare and do for a move, the task can feel overwhelming. AAA City Removalist offers the following tips to help ensure you are prepared for moving day.

Change of Address

Easy enough, but often overlooked. Taking care of your change of address requests early on can save you from the mishap of forgetting to do so. Typically, a change of address request is not immediate and should be done before you begin to pack to save time and heartache. Once the form is filed with the post office, immediately contact your financial institutions, magasine publishers, etc. with your new address.

To-Do List

Take the time to sit down and make yourself a list of things that need to be done for your move. As you accomplish a task on your list, check it off, so you know how to gauge your time. This will help you to get things done on time, as well as not to forget things that need to be done. If you have children and animals to move don’t forget their special needs on the to-do list. When making your list, make it in priority order by including deadlines. If you will be getting insurance for your belongings, be sure to make an inventory list of what you will be having covered.

Be sure that you include utility shutoff and reconnect if your mover does not provide this service. Also, services that need to be canceled, any items that need to be repaired before the move, last minute electrical, plumbing or roofing fixes, and account cancelations like telephone, etc.

Save Money

Moving is a chore, and exhaustion can easily occur. Plan! Consider the number of boxes you will need to pack all your belongings and add about another 20 percent to be safe. Typically, your mover will supply boxes, or provide a discount on boxes. Get the proper size to avoid damage to items during transport. See the best Removalists Liverpool to get a knowledge and to save money when your next move comes.

Plan Early

Planning is essential so that you don’t have a chaotic move. Think of your new place when moving, and with each item you pack, consider whether it is something you want in your new home. Take pictures of the rooms, create a layout that shows where you plan to place your furniture in the room. Your storage, etc. Label boxes to the specific room they belong. This will help in many ways. Help to get rid of unnecessary items and help to load and unpack.


Plants should not be watered for two to three days before your move. Boxes can be used for smaller plants and placed into your car. Larger plants should be transported in their pots within a big box so any soil spillage does stays contained.

Hire Pros!

Do It Yourself Moves don’t eliminate expense and often result in high stress levels. AAA City Removalist keeps costs down with free moving boxes and materials, services like courtesy utility turn-off and connect, and much more. We are Sydney moving specialists with over 10,000 successful relocations and movers that keep costs down.

Tips for Moving Day

Don’t wait to begin to prepare things for moving day. The time spent to fill a box is typically 30 minutes. With that in mind, it takes about 20 hours to pack an average size apartment. If your home is a single family home, you can expect packing to take about 40 hours or more.

Before you start, be sure that you are prepared with plenty of packing tape, moving boxes, and felt pens for packing, labeling and sealing. Label the box with the room it belongs as well as what’s in the box, if it is fragile add “FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP,” etc.

When packing, start with things that are less used like books. Leave the essentials for the last. Be sure that all boxes are packed properly and well taped, both tops and bottoms, and for boxes that contain heavy items, double tape the boxes. Never add heavy and fragile items together in a box. Be sure to wrap breakable items with wrap paper and add cushioning like bubble wrap or peanuts between the layers of breakable items. Take advantage of towels and linens, using them to wrap items.

Artwork and mirrors should be wrapped with bubble wrap and packed in mirror and artwork boxes. Mattresses should be wrapped in mattress wrap or furniture pads or mattress boxes.

Disassemble pressed wood or particle board furniture before moving day.

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