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What Should You Not Move Long Distance?

What Should You Not Move Long Distance?


It can be challenging to move to a new home. The packing of your items alone will mean hours of labour, especially if you are doing the packing yourself. Fortunately, there is advice that can lessen the burden during the packing stage. “You do not need to take everything with you.”

That is right. You do not need to move everything from your old home to the new one. You have to let go of some of your stuff, especially if you are moving long distance. You have to classify your stuff into two categories, the must-have with you and the ones you can let go of. When you let some of your stuff go, you will find your move to be easier and more affordable, especially if you hire a Removalist company. Here are some of the items that you should not move long distance.
Clutter. You may have accumulated a lot of stuff during your stay in your home. Some of these pieces of stuff may have been unused for a long time. If this is the case, these are already considered clutter and will become part of bulky items that you should not move long distances. You may have DVD players, old computers, and other outdated electronic appliances in your old home. If this is the case, you should get rid of them and not take them with you to your new home since you will not be using them in the future anyway. Donate them to charity or try selling them at a garage sale to get extra money.

Excess Clothing. It is easy to overdo your packing when it comes to clothes. However, you may be packing too many clothes that you are not going to use anyway. It is best to take time to determine which clothes you will be using in your new area. For example, if you are moving somewhere with a warm climate all year round, then do not pack your winter clothes. Instead, donate them to charity so that the less fortunate can make use of them. Pack only the clothes that you regularly wear.

Papers. Papers may be lightweight on their own, but if you have too many of them in a box, they will be a burden to carry. Take only the important papers such as licenses, birth certificates, deeds, financial records, and other official papers. Get rid of other papers. If you need copies of the papers you have, you can have them scanned and stored on your computer or the cloud.

Old and Outdated Furniture. Furniture is probably the largest items that you are going to move. For short-distance Furniture Removals, taking your old furniture with you can be a more practical decision. However, for long-distance moves, you should consider leaving your old furniture behind. One reason for this is that your old furniture may not fit aesthetically with your new house, so it is better to buy new ones to match your new place.

Bathroom Items. Most bathroom items are easy to replace. Avoid moving bathroom items such as shower curtains, bathroom rugs, and products inside your bathroom cabinets with you on your long-distance move. It is best to buy new ones at your new place.

Garage Clutter. Your garage may contain stuff that you will never need when you reach your new house. It would help if you disposed of garage items such as insect killers and other chemicals stored in your garage carefully and properly.

Large Appliances. Most new homes will come with a new refrigerator, oven, and washer-dryer, so it is best to leave the ones you have at your old home. Donate your old kitchen appliances to charity or sell them at a garage sale. Your new home may look better with new appliances anyway, so it is better to buy new ones after moving.

Bedding. Unless you have a very expensive and comfortable mattress, it is best to leave your old mattress and beddings behind. Sell them at a garage sale, or ask your friends if they want them. Mattresses are very bulky to move and will take up a lot of space in your moving truck, so it is best to determine the value of your mattress and compare it to the cost of moving it.

Remember that you do not need to take everything in your old house with you when you move to a new house. Knowing which items to leave behind will make your move a lot easier.

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