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What To Consider When Renting in Sydney

What To Consider When Renting in Sydney


There are things to consider when renting in Sydney. AAA Removalist offers the following tips on things to take into consideration when renting; so, before you sign the lease, take the following information into consideration.

The price of the rental

Typically, the price is an issue, and you want to ensure that you afford enough to live in the apartment or home that you rent. Have you thought of your budget? The price may be something that you can handle with your paycheck, but will you be able to handle giving up the weekend night out, buying lunch, etc. Consider the cost and if you can afford to live in the home without giving too much up.

The condition

The condition of the home is also important. It may look great in the pictures, but have you gone and viewed the place in person? There are some things that can be fixed such as scratched walls, but there may be issues that are not fixable. Be sure that the place is in good condition if for nothing else but health and safety issues. If the place is a rodent trap that is hazardous to the health, just as if there is asbestos in the home. Take a good look at the home to be sure that it is in good condition.


Your landlord

Your landlord makes a difference in your renting experience. If you immediately don’t seem to get along with your future landlord, then you might want to shop around for different rentals. There is nothing worse than a landlord that is intolerable or has bad ethics as you will need to rely on the landlord when things break.


If you are planning on having a roommate be cautious and lay everything out in writing, especially if the roommate is a stranger. You should have your roommate screened and be sure that you know one another’s lifestyles to ensure that you will get along. Also, be sure to detail in writing what each occupant of the home is responsible for, including bills.

The Neighbourhood

Be sure to drive and walk the neighbourhood at different hours to get a sense of the community. You will be able to get a much better idea of what to expect and will avoid being surprised with the loud music next door or cars parked in the street from one end of the street to the other once you move into the home. You should be sure to get a crime report of the neighbourhood, as well.

The lease

When signing a lease, you should have a Realtor or lawyer look at the lease before you sign. The lease should be one with no surprises and one that is legitimate. Be sure to read over the lease and that it fits your requirements. For instance, if in the future you plan to sublet the place and the lease does not allow subletting, you will want to make an addition to the lease or possibly shorten the length of the lease.

The pet policy

The lease should detail the landlord’s pet policy. If you are moving into the place with a pet or plan on getting a pet once you have moved in, having all the details regarding the pet policy in writing is essential.  You need to know if there is a pet deposit and if the deposit is refundable; just as you need to know what types of pets are allowed, weight & size limitations, etc.

Utility costs

When renting the bills to keep the house warm and cool also add to the expense of the rental. Be sure that you know if your utilities are included in the rent or if you are responsible for the utilities. Typically, renters are responsible for the gas, air conditioning, electricity, and heat. Most landlords pay for the garbage and sewer but check with the landlord to be sure what is included in the rental in regards to utilities.

The amenities

If you are renting an apartment, you will want to ensure that you rent an apartment that fits into your lifestyle with the amenities they offer. For instance, if you are an exercise buff, you will want a building with a fitness center.  Does the building have security? Is the neighborhood a gated community if moving into a home? Does the apartment have a dishwasher and washing machine or will you have to wash your dishes by hand and take out your laundry? The amenities of a place make a difference in the quality of life.

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