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Use This Checklist to Know Who You Should Notify When Moving in Sydney 2024-25

Use This Checklist to Know Who You Should Notify When Moving in Sydney 2024-25


Moving houses is not the easiest job. You should oversee many things, even if you already have a reliable mover like AAA City Removalist helping you.

Notifying people about your move is a chore in itself. It’s not as simple as popping in and saying, “Hey, I’m moving. Catch you later!”

To make your move a bit easier, here is a complete checklist of whom you should notify when Moving Houses.

Government Organisations

You have to prioritise government organisations on your notification checklist. Everything is linked to your current address, and you want the government to be the first to know that you’ve changed it.

The sooner you notify them about the change, the better. It would be more stressful to have it changed once you’ve already settled in your new place.

  • Australia Post
  • Australian Tax Office (ATO)
  • Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)
  • Library
  • Local Council
  • Medicare
  • Centrelink
  • Child Support Agency
  • Concession cards
  • DonateLIfe
  • Department of Public Transportation
  • Senior’s Card
  • Department of Veteran Affairs


Home Services and Subscriptions

Next on your list should be your monthly utilities and subscriptions. You don’t want to get penalised for late payments.
To ensure your bills arrive on time, notify the necessary home-related services when moving.
Utilities that you need to notify:

  • Electricity and gas
  • Telephone and internet provider
  • Mobile phone plan
  • Pay-TV like Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, Optus Fetch, etc.

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Subscriptions and Programs

You may have those subscriptions that get you great deals every month. You don’t want to miss them when you change addresses.

  • Loyalty programs
  • Store cards
  • Newspaper or magazine subscriptions
  • Health clubs or gyms
  • Frequent flyer program

Vehicle Registration

You also need to change the address indicated on a valid ID like your driver’s license when you change your address.
The changing of address process depends on which state you intend to live in. There is a specified period to inform the appropriate office of any changes to your license, vehicle registration, and even motor vehicle insurance.
It would be best to do the updates as early as possible because you will get heavily penalised for failure to do so.
Make sure to change the address on the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Car insurance
  • Vehicle breakdown cover

Place of Work and Education

You may have changed addresses, but your place of work or education didn’t. Therefore, it is important to keep your identification for these two places up-to-date.
It is especially for children who are in playschool or kindy. However, in cases of emergencies, the school or childcare facility should know where you can be found.
It would be best to notify your company about your change in address as it is necessary for tax and payroll purposes.
These are the educational and work-related places that you should notify about your address change:

  • Childcare, Kindy, or Nursery
  • School
  • University
  • Your current employer
  • Extracurricular clubs or programs

Healthcare, Insurance, and Finances

You can group Insurance and healthcare together as life care and protection. It would be more convenient to combine them under one category of checklists.

Healthcare and health services
If you prefer public or private healthcare, you will still need to notify health services of your address change.
It doesn’t matter if you are switching doctors or not. However, you will want to update your healthcare records to eliminate zoning-related issues like vaccine distribution.

Healthcare-related parties that you should notify about an address change:

  • Medicare
  • Health professionals
  • Health insurance from private companies
  • Other healthcare professionals, such as dentists or opticians

Don’t forget to visit the vet, too. You also need to update your pet’s microchip and registry information as soon as possible.


Your insurance is another type of safety net in case of emergency. Informing the insurance company of any address change is important so you don’t miss out on any bills that they will send.
There are insurance providers that need to know your postcode when you move. Depending on your insurance plan, your move could affect your insurance’s value.
Here is a list of insurance-related people that should know about your new address:

  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Home and contents insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Income insurance
  • Other types of insurance, like renters and travel insurance


You might be moving interstate with the help of AAA City Removalist. Although larger banks let you maintain your account with them, smaller local banks may not.
You may have to open an account with another bank when your account is with a smaller local bank.

  • Banks
  • Credit and debit card
  • Loan companies
  • Payment services
  • Premium bonds
  • Pension
Everything Else

The priority section of the checklist is done. Here are a few others that you might forget to notify about moving house:

  • Family and friends
  • Religious organisations
  • Retail websites
  • Food delivery

Even with the help of a reliable mover like AAA City Removalist, there are more things to take care of when moving house. Remember this checklist so that you avoid the hassle of missing out on important bills, payments, and other information.
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