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Commercial Move Case Study: Four Seasons Hotel, Circular Quay Sydney NSW
October 27, 2020

Commercial Move Case Study: Four Seasons Hotel, Circular Quay Sydney NSW

Commercial Move Case Study: Four Seasons Hotel, Circular Quay Sydney NSW

When Four Seasons, a world-renowned, five-star luxury hotel in Circular Quay required the services of a premium removalist, AAA City Removalist rose to the challenge and provided them with a smooth, hassle-free removal.

A Brief Overview of The Removal Project

We were hired to empty a total of 60 hotel rooms in one day in preparation for a high-profile convention. The furniture had to be reinstated 30 days later, ensuring they were reassembled and placed in their original position.

About Our Client

The Four Seasons Hotel in Circular Quay is an iconic building that’s become a part of Sydney’s rich heritage. Located right next to The Rocks and Circular Quay in the heart of the CBD, it offers luxury accommodation with world-class amenities for discerning tourists and businessmen.

The Challenge

AAA City Removalist was hired to clear out 60 hotel rooms (in preparation of a convention to be held there). We faced two major challenges with this Commercial Removals project. The first was that we were in a bit of a time crunch as we only had a day to complete the move. As you can well imagine, clearing out 60 hotel rooms is not a quick job. A Removal job of this magnitude would normally require 3 to 4 days minimum.

The second major challenge was that some of the items to be moved did not fit in the lifts. This was a point of concern as it meant we had to manually move those items via stairs, which would be both physically challenging and put a dent in our timeline.

Our Solution

Without a doubt, this Commercial Move was one of the hardest and most challenging ones we’ve handled to date. The combination of a tight deadline and logistical limitations meant that we put all our expertise and experience to the test, to prove to ourselves and the world that when you’re passionate about what you do and strive for excellence with a single-minded focus, you can achieve the near impossible!

Here’s how we did it.

Initial Meeting and Job Assessment

As with all Removal jobs, the first step in the process was to meet with the client to get a clear picture of what was expected of us, the time frame within which the job needed to be completed, and discuss any other potential areas of concern. Our goal during the initial meeting was to get as much relevant information as possible from the client. We also requested the client to give us a quick tour of the site. This helped us identify problem areas and come up with clever/creative solutions to navigate them. The initial meeting and job assessment are crucial steps in a Commercial Removal job. They give you a better understanding of the scope of the job and that in turn helps you plan better.

Cinching the Job

AAA City Removalist was one of 6 Removalists invited to submit a quote for this job. Our approach with any removal job is to be completely honest with ourselves and our clients. What this means is that we only express interest in a Removal job if we’re 100% sure we can handle it. After all, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. It’s not fair for your client or yourself to take on a job if you don’t have the skills, manpower or knowledge necessary to do an exceptional job.

With all the information we’d gathered from our initial meeting with the client and the site inspection, we were confident that our team could take on the challenge and do it justice. We submitted our quote, along with a comprehensive plan of action that detailed how we planned to carry out the move. The client was happy with both our quote and our planning and awarded the Removal job to us.

Framing A Plan of Action  

With a Commercial Relocation job of this magnitude, we just couldn’t leave anything up to chance. It was all about meticulous planning and organising from the get-go to ensure everything went smoothly. Working with such a tight deadline meant we just couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.

The first thing we did here was to address the challenges outlined earlier and come up with viable solutions for them. So, to meet the tight deadline we were working against we decided to have a larger removal crew. Usually, a move involves around 5 to 6 removalists, depending on its size. But with this move, we amped up the numbers and decided to have 15 Professional Removalists on board to help us complete it on time. This also helped resolve the second concern we had of some of the items not fitting in the lifts.

It is worth noting that it wasn’t just sheer quantity but also the quality of the manpower that contributed to the smooth handling of this move. All our Movers are highly trained and experienced and that’s crucial, as 15 men with little to no prior moving experience would not have been able to deliver such exemplary results.

We also had to keep a record of photos and detailed notes of where each piece of furniture was. This made it easy for us later when it was time to move them back to their original position.

Equipment Used

For the Four Seasons, Circular Quay Commercial Removal project, we used the following equipment:

Project Execution

Here’s a quick rundown of the stages and steps that were involved in the execution of this project:

1.  Empty 60 hotel rooms, moving the items to the basement car park in preparation of a high-profile convention.

2.  Wrap each item to be moved individually to ensure they are kept pristine during the move and in storage.

3.  Use the staircase to move items that would not fit in the lift. We had to manually move the items from floor levels 8, 9 and 10 to the basement car park, which was no easy task.

4.  Reassemble and reinstate the furniture and other items to their original position a month later.


This was a challenging yet rewarding Commercial Removal project. Our clients were adamant about sticking by our side throughout the entire job as they did not want anything to go amiss. While this was understandable, we are happy to say that once they realised just how organised and careful we were in our handling of the items, they were convinced we were capable and professional enough to be left to complete the job on our own.

Our Appreciation & Thanks

AAA City Removalist would like to thank the Four Seasons Hotel, Circular Quay, and their staff for their cooperation during this project. The management was very helpful and provided us with all the information we needed to plan and organise the move. Of course, we have to thank our amazing team. Your commitment will power and a heart to serve is what allowed us to overcome the challenges before us and make this Moving a clear success.

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