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Removal of Expensive Chairs and Relocating across Sydney, NSW
February 16, 2022

Removal of Expensive Chairs and Relocating across Sydney, NSW

Removal of Expensive Chairs and Relocating across Sydney, NSW

A Commercial Relocation and Logistics Solution

About the Move

In Nov 2021, our Commercial client wanted to relocate their luxurious executive chairs from Kings Cross in Sydney NSW to all of their office locations in NSW ie Penrith and Country NSW ie the Central Coast and Taree of NSW. Our client was left with the task of not only relocating their expensive executive chairs, but planning and coordinating the delivery to various office locations, in addition to managing their day-to-day business workload. Moreover, our client did not have immediate access to a variety of furniture removal tools, transport and manpower they would need to see this job done effeciently.

The removal service meant that we were dealing with a large number of executive chairs, which had to be done meticulously with special care, packaging the chairs with bubble wrap, special packaging material, coordinating the removal & installation of these chairs at delivery point, which was not simple and straightforward, but rather had to be planned and executed to perfection.

Our Solution

Prior to relocation, there were other intricate details that had to be considered and planned. Our team knew this is not a usual removal job, and therefore it was time to prepare & plan a customised moving solution to ensure these expensive executive chairs were well looked after during the move. Hence the planning process was crucial, as well as choosing the right team that was experienced to handle this move.

This is what our client has to say

“Initially, we were concerned on which Furniture Removalist to choose, since these chairs were costly and we had to be assured that it would be taken care of, and transported professionally, so we booked AAA City Removalist. We heard good things about them and moreover the enormous number of positive reviews & ratings gave us comfort that our chairs are in good hands. We met with David, their CEO and gave him the moving requirements. We told him that we need to move ‘our executive chairs’ from Kings Cross (Sydney) to our other office locations’. David was extremely helpful to give us a proposal to get the job done. They took our very basic guide and prepared a logistical plan for our move.” said OzForex Limited (trading as OFX) client.

We have the Right Tools for the Trade

As an experienced Furniture removals/ Relocation company, AAA City Removalist has a well-organised modus operandi in terms of planning & preparing for ‘special care’ relocation of the Executive Chairs. Working with the AAA team does not only give you the benefits of the experts with the right tools of the trade & experience, but also the fact that AAA is an AFRA professional member, that has earned a recognition of being the Best 3 Removalist in 2021, and Awarded the prestigious “Product Review Winner 2022” in the Removals industry in Australia.

Product Review Winner 2022

One of the key requirements of any Office or Industrial Furniture relocation is firstly to understand the move requirements, having the right tools, the right manpower, and essentially wrapping & packaging expertise. With over 140,000 relocations since 2005, we have gained experience on various types of moves, and mastered the art of packing expensive furniture. Using our packing & wrapping skills, we were able to remove and relocate the executive chairs efficiently and within the expected timeframe.

With over 17 years of Commercial Moving experience and being entrusted with small, medium or large size Corporate Removals, our team was excited to take up this challenge with the removal of executive chairs with full attention to every detail of the moving operations.

The Challenges

As with any removal work we undertake, the first step in this operation is to assess the work to be done, in anticipation of the challenges we are to face.

No matter how big or small the mountain is to climb, we take it as an opportunity to challenge ourselves, given the many years of experience in the removals industry. The difficulty in this Removalist job was that the access to parking was limited, hence maneuvering the Truck had to be done by an expert truck driver.

Expensive Chairs and Relocating across Sydney
Expensive Chairs and Relocating across Sydney

At AAA City Removalist, we have completed many moves of luxurious items over the years. Because this move had to do with moving expensive chairs, it needed special attention, planning, wrapping and packaging, and most importantly not to be stored on top of each other while placing them in our truck. We needed enough manpower to ensure the chairs are handled properly while getting in and out of the truck in a very safe manner, with difficult access to the parking position of the truck.

It wasn’t just the executive chairs that had to be relocated, but they were other miscellaneous items that had to be removed and transported, which belonged to an upmarket business.

These Chairs had to be delivered to office locations all over Sydney, towards Penrith and further, and also delivered to Country NSW & Central Coast and Taree, NSW

We were grateful for the client’s faith in us, which motivated us to go above and beyond to meet, if not surpass their expectations. This means being ready for any potential obstacles that might arise. If our years of experience in the moving industry has taught us anything, it’s that you should always understand the client, their moving requirements, assess the pickup & delivery locations, and plan every part of the process carefully, and so we did.


At AAA City Removalist, we approach every removal job with a ‘can do’ attitude, no matter how small or large the job may be. Moving is in our DNA and our key focus has always been ‘customer satisfaction’.

After carefully understanding what was required to conduct this move safely and efficiently, we mapped out our plan through documenting the moving process and created a moving checklist to ensure every task was ticked off when done.

We packed the executive chairs and placed them in our trucks. The chairs had to be tied together using ropes or straps. It was important how we positioned these executive chairs in the truck. Therefore, each chair was wrapped with moving blankets & furniture pads to keep it safe from scratches or damage.

Upon arrival at the delivery locations, each batch of chairs were carefully handled and removed from the truck, and carried to the offices, and then unwrapped. It was very pleasing to see the executive chairs safely delivered.

The Outcome

We’re pleased to say that this move, although challenging, has been completed ahead of schedule. We expected this removal job to take 3 days at the commencement of the move. However, owing to our dedicated & hardworking staff, we completed this job in just 2 days, leaving our client with total satisfaction.

Why AAA City Removalist was the perfect solution

With a portfolio of servicing B2B clients with their commercial move, AAA’s is uniquely positioned as a top 3 furniture removals company providing a full-service relocation to companies of any size. Whether you’re a new business setting up, or moving into another location, our team can relocate your goods using the best industry practices, experience and skills.

With over 17 years of experience in the transportation/ relocation industry, AAA City Removalist and its subsidiary companies alliance partners have earned a brand reputation for quality & care, developing a removals process that is fitting to our customers’ needs, along without efforts to always be driven by our passion, quality and care. We take price in the moves we conduct and the opportunities we receive to serve our business customers in NSW, ACT and Interstate.

Our clients choose AAA to handle their move because they trust our brand, our experience, and most essentially our reputation (5,000+ reviews from Google, Facebook, Product Review, TrustPilot and the likes)

Reviews from Google, Facebook, Product Review, TrustPilot and the likes

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A word of thanks

There is no removal job that has been done without the involvement of our staff.

We thank our staff who make it possible every time we cross the finish line and complete a Furniture Removal job. We are always appreciative of their hard work and dedication in every single job they do, each day.

We’d also like to express our gratitude to our clients for their cooperation, understanding and for choosing AAA for their move.


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