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Moving Tips

Moving Tips


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Helpful Tips

Moving home consists of much more than gathering boxes and thinking everything is thrown into the boxes, and you are good to go. There are many things to consider and many things to do. One way to plan an efficient Sydney move is to hire skilled movers. AAA City Removalists aim to make your move as stress-free as possible. Our team includes industry trained, certified and uniformed professionals that aim to make your moving day the best moving experience yet. Our team is fully equipped to provide you with furniture removals, moving vehicles complete with packing and moving materials as well as everything in between. AAA City Removalist offers the following moving tips.

Relocating, whether planning on performing most of the tasks yourself, or hiring a moving company to provide a full-service Sydney relocation, the removalist needs to be one you can trust. Your move should take up as little time as possible. When AAA City Removalists is your relocation company, you are assured that you will have quality services that are quick, offering an efficient home removal Sydney. Following are a few moving tips from AAA City Removalists.

Unique Removals

Moves that include delicate antiques, artwork or pianos, will require a specialist to handle your relocation. AAA City Removalists relocation teams are highly trained for specialty items and have all the necessary equipment to do the job properly. We also provide balcony lifts for items that can only be moved in and out of windows.

Insurance Tips

Being the Sydney movers you can trust, we provide insurance for loss or damage on each move we complete. Alternatively, our customers can also arrange to have their insurance coverage.

Move Preparation

Not using the-the proper packing materials and techniques can mean your boxes will be delivered flat. AAA City Removalists provides our customers with free moving boxes, asking our customers to please keep them in good hands.

Boxing and Sealing

There is an art to making up and taping a box. Boxes should be taped using two lengths of tape. Tape first through the middle of the box and across the seam. Properly taping boxes provides the sturdiness that boxes require. Next, tape along the seam and the top of the box. With a marker write across the tape the room the box belongs to and a brief description of the contents. If fragile items are within, be sure to mark “FRAGILE” on the tape.

The Right Box

Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes, as well as delicate and fragile items and small pictures. Pack books flat on their edges with the book opening facing up. Pack cassettes and DVDs on their edge. Seal bottle tops tightly and packs straight.

Household items like pots and pans, pictures, food, clothing, etc. are most often best packed in medium boxes. Plates should be packed on their edges, never flat. Pack in batches of three to four on the bottom of the box. Cushion with paper between the plates. Fill the remainder of the box with lighter items like towels, stuffed animals, etc.Large boxes are ideal for linens, bedding, clothing, games, etc. Anything light.

Empty Boxes

When emptying the boxes, cut open the tape. Once all items are removed, flatten the box by cutting through the tape with a knife or scissors. Once boxes are flattened, contact AAA City Removalists to provide you with the service of collecting the boxes for a small charge.

Hanging Clothes

AAA City Removalists provides porta robes that are designed to hang clothes, relieving you of tedious hours of ironing from wrinkles that often occur during a move.

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