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Removalists Dover Heights

AAA City Removalist is a moving company servicing Dover Heights, moving homes and businesses for years.  We provide property owners with moves that are completed promptly, so costs are kept to a minimum. With experienced teams and well-maintained trucks, you have a quality relocation without the cost.

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We Relieve the Stress of Moving

There are so many things to consider when moving. Costs, of course, being a priority on the list. AAA City Removalist understands that you want costs kept to a minimum. We provide property owners with a competitive half hourly rate system to keep unnecessary time off the clock.

Cherished Items and Furniture Are Protected

Once a moving date is scheduled, the anxiety and concern of your furniture and personal belongings arriving at your new place sets in. AAA City Removalist understands the value and sentimental meaning of all items that are relocated to a new property. Our moving team is equipped with all the latest moving equipment and prepared with furniture blankets, stretch wrap, and straps to ensure the protection of your furniture and precious belongings. When our experienced movers relocate your home or office, know that all belongings and furniture are protected and secured so that no damage will occur.

My Move Is Getting Near

AAA City Removalist understands that time is of the essence. You may know your moving date months before the move; or, it could be a last minute move. Whether you are in need of a full-service move or one that you have the time to pack the boxes yourself, AAA City Removalists servicing Dover Heights is there for you. We can wrap everything up promptly, disassemble furniture, or arrive to load and transport your items to your new location. We are a moving company that completes moves your way.

There’s Just Too Much To Move

We understand that the number of items to relocate can be overwhelming, and while the costs of your removal will be less with fewer items, sometimes there is no way around it. We are removalists in Dover Heights that can handle any size relocation. We have the men and equipment to safely move all types of furniture to your new location.

I Have To Relocate My Home & My Corporate Office

With AAA City Removalist, your home and office are easily relocated by us. We are residential and commercial movers with the experience and equipment to handle your home and office move. We provide property owners of all types of properties with reliable services that include:

A Moving Company That Saves You Money

AAA City Removalist Dover Heights has been in the moving company long enough that we can save property owners money when moving. We are a fully equipped moving company that provides full-service relocations at low costs, just as saving our customers costs when they opt for a DIY move. Our company provides many perks like free moving boxes and materials, disconnect and reconnect utility services, and half-hourly rates to keep time off the clock.

A Moving Company That Knows How To Move

We understand the stress involved in a move of any size. We are a moving company with the experience to set property owner minds at ease. Our removalists Dover Heights are experienced, professional, and courteous, and have the experience to pack even the most cherished items for safe transport. We are a moving company that offers many advantages, including:

Get Discount Off Moving Packages

AAA City Removalist offers residential/commercial customers in Dover Heights generous discounts off moving packages that can be booked online or over the phone. Get a quote by contacting us, and know that you have an experienced mover that will relocate you damage free.

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For Sydney Metro areas, our half-hour call out fee plus 5% fuel levy applies. For other areas, a return travel time plus 10% fuel levy applies. In some cases, travel time & fuel levy may be charged at a higher rate, especiallyduring public holidays and weekends.
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