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How Did We Successfully Complete A Crucial Relocation Amid COVID 19?
January 20, 2022

How Did We Successfully Complete A Crucial Relocation Amid COVID 19?

How Did We Successfully Complete A Crucial Relocation Amid COVID 19?

The Project

A high-profile Politician commissioned AAA City Removalist to relocate his residential and commercial base to Canberra. Despite the significant challenge being the pandemic and Covid 19 restrictions, we managed to successfully complete this removal job in 3 days.

About The Customer 

A renowned politician was caught up in Canberra and couldn’t come to his premises in Sydney to overlook the relocation. Hence he asked us to do the job via his PA, who gave us access to our client’s property to pack his belongings.

Scope of The Removal Job

The politician hired us to relocate his residential furniture and other household items (which was also his office) from his building in Sydney to Canberra. This removal job was inclusive of packing & moving services. Once we were in the building, we took pictures and videos of his home and office during the move. Our team did thorough research on how many boxes & manpower we would need for the removal job and kept some extra ones handy. Also, we were ready with the right type of trucks we would require for relocation.

We realised that it would take us about 3 days to complete the job, but we finished it a little earlier than the given time frame.

The Challenges We Faced

Our first plan of action with this removal job was to analyse and understand the likely challenges we might face in this relocation. One of the principal reasons the politician chose AAA City Removalist to handle the removal work is because they believed and trusted in our brand name. With over 5,000 positive reviews and 15+ years of experience, he decided to move with the top Movers in Sydney, AAA City Removalist.

We acknowledged the trust our tier 1 (VIP) customer put in us and wanted not just to meet his expectations but exceed them. We had to be prepared for any likely challenges that could come our way. All the years of experience in the moving industry have taught us to never go in blind and to prepare as much as possible. Relocations involve a lot more than just packing & moving. They include project management to ensure high productivity, stay on top of the budget, and keep up with the time. 

With our customers, we faced these challenges: 

Access Issues in the Building: As our client was held up in Sydney and was out of reach, we negotiated with the building management to provide access to our team. But after a few hurdles, we got into his residence.

Parking Problems: The parking of our loading dock was quite difficult and trying. Hence, we organised the loading dock’s restriction by parking it a little far from the property. We also calculated the amount of time we would take to reach the truck to the client’s front door, along with the relevant manpower.

COVID19 Pandemic: Since the entire relocation had to be done during the lockdown, we adhered to all the government’s rules & regulations to guarantee a safe working atmosphere. 

Our Solutions 

At AAA City Removalist, we delve into every Relocation with a ‘can-do’ and ‘we got this’ attitude. As professional relocators, we just rolled up our sleeves and got the job done. Here’s how we tackled the issues we faced: 

Dedicated Day-1 To Packing and loading: We were a little ahead of our schedule and had an extra workforce, so we decided to load up on the same day. 

Unloading on the Next Day: As we managed to pack and load on day 1, we reached Canberra on day 2 and unloaded his belongings conveniently. 

Thanks to our expert team, we had the maximum manpower to do a challenging and trying job with many contingencies quite smoothly. 

We Strictly Adhered To All the COVID19 Safety Regulations 

Our safety measures included utilising Polypropylene (PP) masks, gloves and cleaning our trucks with strong disinfectants. We advised our staff to stay at home if they feel unwell and inform us ASAP. Despite the regulations, we had more than enough manpower to complete the relocation before the given timeframe. We provide efficient Removalist Services During Coronavirus with all precautions. 

The Outcome 

The politician chose AAA City Removalist to get the job done because our reputation precedes us. The client noticed that we are an AFRA approved member, members of NATROAD (National Road Transport Association) and ATA (Australian Trucking Association). Our clients value and understand the significance of experience and an influential work ethic. 

So, how did we perform? We’re pleased to say that we managed to complete the removal job ahead of time. We calculated that it would take us 3 days to complete the relocation. But, thanks to our dedicated team, we were able to finish it in 2 days.

Our Thank You Note to The People Who Made It Possible 

Each time we reach the finish line and complete a task successfully, we look back at those who made it attainable. We are grateful to the external people who have been a part of these projects in their capacity, starting with Sydney’s and Canberra’s City Council. We thank you for being so devoted to the benefit of the community and businesses. Your guidance and cooperation are highly appreciated. We would also like to thank our customer and his PA for their immense support with our relocation task. Lastly, we thank our team, who represent AAA City Removalist’s business in such an impeccable manner every single day. 

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