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Sydney Cricket  Ground Case Study: Commercial Relocation
August 27, 2020

Sydney Cricket Ground Case Study: Commercial Relocation

Sydney Cricket  Ground Case Study: Commercial Relocation

Commercial Removal at the world famous sporting arena The Sydney Cricket Ground, NSW

What do you do when you need to relocate priceless sports memorabilia and artifacts of a world-famous sporting arena?

You call in an experienced Removalist, who will handle the job meticulously, when handling a Corporate Removal Project, with proper planning, checklist, and mapping the entire removal with the care and sensitivity it deserves.


1.The Relocation Project

AAA City Removalist was hired by the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust (well known as SCG) to relocate rare and precious memorabilia that required specialised techniques and careful handling to keep them intact.

2.About Our Client

Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Cricket Ground (aka SCG) is one of the world’s most famous iconic cricketing venues and is held in high esteem by cricketing fans all around the world. It was established in 1848 and has been the venue were many memorable milestones occurred, such as Ponting becoming the first player ever to score centuries in both innings on his 100th Test match, and Steve Waugh scoring a century by hitting a four off the last ball of the day in the 2002/03 Ashes series.

3.The Challenge

This particular removal project was quite unlike any other that we’ve handled. We were engaged to move thousands of archives, framed art, pictures, signed documents, autographed posters, letter exchanges between players, coaches and fans, balls and bats from a secret room, with the utmost care to keep them pristine. This required specialised training and equipment as well as extensive planning.

4.The Solution

4.1 Initial Meeting and Job Assessment

As with any large commercial relocation project that we take up, the first step in the process is to visit the location and determine the scope of the project. This is a vital step that helps us gain a better understanding of the challenges involved and put together a plan of action that will yield the best outcome. This is the stage where we determined the number of Removalist required, the equipment to be used, and the time it will take us to complete the job in hand.

4.2 Pre-Planning

With a removal job of this magnitude, one shouldn’t just jump the gun and start the relocation process. Instead, we carefully assessed all aspects of the move and came up with a customised project plan for a smooth relocation. Each step of the process was listed along with a brief description of how it will be carried out. Doing this is helpful not only for us to keep track of the project, but it also gives the client a clear picture of how we plan to accomplish everything.

Once we had our initial draft in place, we went back to the client for a quick meeting. After all, the client can provide valuable insight that can help you iron out the finer details of the move to ensure a seamless removal.

4.3 Operations and Team Allocation

The next step in the moving process was to pick a team for the project. Since this project required a specific skill set and specialised knowledge, we were quite discerning about who we picked for the job. The final list of Movers we picked had to undergo specialised training and pass strict security checks.

We assigned two head supervisors to oversee the moving job, one was in charge of the wrapping crew while the other was assigned to supervise the removalists loading the trucks. Our team was then briefed about the project and each person received a detailed rundown of their role in the team, who they should report to and the importance of keeping everything confidential on such a sensitive project.

4.4 Removal Equipment Used

As mentioned earlier, this project was quite unique and required some special equipment, apart from the ones we use for a regular removal job. Here’s a breakdown of the equipment used:

4.5 Project Execution

Sydney Cricket Ground Removal Project

Here’s a step-by-step rundown of the Sydney Cricket Ground Removal Project:
A . Thousands of priceless and irreplaceable sports memorabilia were carefully packaged by the wrapping crew.
B . The packed goods were then loaded onto a number of moving trucks by the removalists crew to be transported to a secret location..
C . The transported items were unloaded and returned back to their original place after a six week period.
Our meticulous planning ensured the removal job was completed in five days. There were no major issues or unforeseen obstacles to derail the project, which worked in our favour.

5. Result

The artifacts were relocated in pristine condition and our team ensured the collective history of Sydney Cricket Ground was undamaged and handled with the care and respect it deserved. Each item was a piece of history that told a magnificent story and we’re honoured that we were chosen to handle such precious goods.

What Made AAA The Right Choice for This Project?

We have a long list of Corporate Clients who’ve trusted us time and again with their Removals. Why? Simply because we’ve worked hard and left no stone unturned when it comes to providing them with a smooth and hassle-free removal. Here are some of the top reasons why our corporate clients choose us:

Our Appreciation & Thanks
Sydney Cricket Ground Trust

We’d like to thank the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust for believing in AAA City Removalist as well as for their helpful assistance in the project. We’d also like to say thank you to our staff who worked tirelessly and were enthusiastic about the project, throwing themselves into the training and working hard to ensure the job gets done on time and keeping in line with AAA’s high standards.

To learn more about our Corporate and unique services like this one, call our Moving Consultants to discuss your next move.

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