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    Moving to a new place can be both exciting and scary in equal measures. You are excited about making the new place your home, meeting people and making friends, but there is also some worry. The stress of planning and organising the move is giving you sleepless nights. You are worried about all the “what ifs”. What if the furniture gets damaged en route? Or worse, what if one of your precious heirloom, say an old piano or a stereo, gets damaged during transportation? And these worries are only magnified when the move is to the country since, as we all know, a Country Move is a lot more complicated and difficult to carry out than a metro move.

    If you are planning to move from Sydney to Bathurst, call AAA to book your move. We’ll make sure your move is smooth, safe and most importantly, stress-free for you.

  • Why Choose AAA for your Bathurst Country Move?

    Simply because we’re the best when it comes to Country Removals. We’ve got years of experience on our side and that helps us provide you with a hassle-free, quick move that is unparalleled. We understand that moving to or within the countryside requires a lot more finesse and organisation than say moving within the Sydney metro. And that is why we have developed a foolproof system geared towards the handling and successful completion of country relocations.

    Here’s what makes us different from other Removalists out there:

    • Our workers are professionals with vast experience and strong skillsets

      We’re very particular about the kind of people we employ. Our workers are all well-experienced and come with a strong set of skills. And we make it a point to train them on customer service and communication. So, any dealings that you have with our team will be pleasant and professional. As far as Country Moves are concerned, our drivers are all familiar with the country roads and routes; they know which routes to take for a fast and safe move.

    • We’ve invested in specialist trucks and equipment for Country Moves

      The reason we can so confidently say that we’re the best country movers in the market is because we’ve put in a lot of time and effort into it. Starting with a dedicated department for handling Country and Interstate moves and specialist trucks for country removals. The trucks come with air ride suspensions to give the smoothest ride, even on bumpy dirt roads. We’ve also equipped the trucks with GPS tracking. That completely eliminates any fear that you might have about trusting your valuables with us as it is easy for us to track where the truck is at any given point in the journey.

    • We have 24/7 service vehicles and backup trucks

      Of course, we’re not leaving anything up to chance. Despite the fact that our trucks are fully serviced every 12 weeks, we’ve also got a fleet of backup trucks and service vehicles on hand to take care of any unforeseen vehicle emergencies. So, in case something does go wrong (very unlikely) along the way to Bathurst, we don’t have to scramble around for solutions. Even in an emergency, our trained operations team will handle the situation in an efficient and calm manner, resolving it and getting the move back on track without wasting too much time.

    • We offer customised packages

      We understand that each move is different. What works for a small family of three members might not necessarily work for a larger family of five or more members. No matter how big or small your move, we’ll provide you with a customised package that meets all your requirements. Moving furniture and valuables from a six-bedroom house? No problem, we can make it happen. Got fragile or specialty items that need to be transported with care? We’ve got it! Just tell us what you want, and we’ll come up with a Customised Package just for you.

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  • Our customers love us but don't just take our word for it

    My home contents were moved from Sydney to 3.5 hours away and it was stress free. The company was professional and friendly from the initial quote, the confirmation call the day prior and Ronnie with his team mate on the day of the move. They were punctual, called earlier to let me know they were on their way and took care in wrapping my couch especially as it started to sprinkle. I thought the price was fair also. Thanks again!!

    - Cecilia De Bonis
    country removalists
  • Our customers love us but don't just take our word for it

    Just moved from the Blue Mountains to Port Macquarie and AAA were a+.... in particular Fred. I was very impressed with how Fred packed his truck and delivered our load without any problem whatsoever. I would recommend AAA and Fred for your move.

    - Emilio Porta
    country removalists
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