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How much does it cost for Two Guys and AAA’s Removal Truck in Sydney?


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How much do TWO GUYS AND A TRUCK REMOVALS cost in Sydney? Moving cost is a common question among homeowners ready to relocate. While there is no set cost, AAA City can provide an outline of different factors that add to or decrease the cost of a move.

Local Sydney Moves Average Moving Costs

The cost of two guys and a truck in Sydney varies. Different factors used to calculate local moving costs include:

Average Cost for Local Sydney Relocations – Two Guys and A Truck

The average cost for a local Sydney relocation is about $100 per hour. This cost includes two guys and a truck. Using $100 as a base price per hour with two guys and a truck, you can consider the following an accurate price estimate:

  • Studio Apartment Removals: A studio apartment typically takes two movers about two to three hours to relocate. At two to three hours spent relocating the home, the homeowner can expect a moving cost of about $350 to $400.
  • Two Bedroom Apartment Removals: A two-bedroom apartment typically takes two movers about three to six hours. For $100 per hour, the estimated cost of the relocation of a two-bedroom apartment is estimated at $350 to $650.
  • Three Bedroom Home Removals: You can expect a higher rate for a three-bedroom home, simply because the Home Movers will likely need to use a larger truck. Expect an increase of $5 to 10 dollars for two guys and a truck Sydney. If three men are required, expect a cost of about $145 to $150 per hour. The time involvement to move a three-bedroom home is, on the average, five to 10 hours. Therefore, the estimated cost to move a three-bedroom home in Sydney is between $550 to $1500.
  • Larger Homes Removals: The estimated cost to move a larger home is typically between the range of $110 to $150 per hour, creating a cost of between $700 to $1800. The actual price may be higher or lower, depending on various factors. With larger homes, you need a larger workforce than two guys and a truck, often requiring four movers to relocate the home, adding to the moving cost. The items in the home also influence the price.

Two Guys and AAA’s Truck

Removalists Sydney - 2 men and a truck

Cross Country Relocations – Two Guys and A Truck

Cross country relocations are priced on the distance and size truck needed for the relocation. The following three factors are used to calculate the cost of the move:

How To Lower Your Moving Cost

The best ways to keep moving cost at a minimum include:

  • Lessening the weight of the relocation. The fewer items to move, the less time spent packing and unpacking, and the lighter the load.
  • Hire Removalist in advance. Movers should be booked at least two months before the moving date.
  • Hire movers that provide free boxes and packing materials with the cost of the relocation.
  • Move during the off-season. Summer is peak moving season. Winter and fall are considered “off-season” for moving and typically a cheaper time to relocate.
  • Weekday moves should be less expensive than a weekend move; however, the price will depend on the mover.
  • Compare moving rates. Always obtain two moving estimates.
  • Have everything packed and prepared to be loaded onto the truck when the moving company arrives. Have all documents, including a final check for the moving company ready, so no time is wasted.
  • Hire a moving company that charges on a half hourly basis. With a half-hourly charge, unnecessary time isn’t tacked onto the total moving costs.

AAA City Removalist

Local, or long distance, the experience and expertise of your Removals company is essential. Experienced Movers Sydney help to keep moving cost to a minimum. AAA City Removalist is a local Sydney Moving Company that is a qualified team of movers and regularly serviced trucks equipped to safely transport belongings whether locally or cross-country. We provide TWO GUYS AND A TRUCK at minimal cost, as well as Removalists to complete larger relocations. We are top-rated and best Removalists on platforms like Google with dedicated removalists to provide our customers with outstanding relocations.

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