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"The only movers completing 10,00 moving jobs every year"

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Packaging Material

Feel like royalty, Pay like a pauper

Why let the stress of moving send you packing? Get us to pack. Packing costs less than you think to get AAA experts to safely pack your sentimental goods.

Pre Packing can reduce costs on move day as it gives us a clearer picture of the tactics employ on move day.

  • You get 2 professional packers to efficiently pack your home
  • You get years of intimate knowledge of delicate item handling
  • You get integrity
Our Free Box Offer

Packing Saves You Time & Money

Travel Charge

The time starts when we arrive at your driveway until the time we finish plus a half hour travel charge.

Packaging Material is only a nominal charge. Refer to our Our Free Box Offer:

  • You get as many FREE Boxes as you need if you pick up from our office.
  • We can deliver boxes in the Sydney metro area for $30 excl. gst each way.
  • There is a $5 bond which is fully refunded as long as we receive the boxes within 4 weeks (28 days) from the date the boxes were delivered;
  • The boxes are returned in good condition;
  • You are moving with us.

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Public holidays and weekends may attract a higher rate.
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