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Sydney Opera House Case Study: Commercial Relocation
August 27, 2020

Sydney Opera House Case Study: Commercial Relocation

Sydney Opera House Case Study: Commercial Relocation

A Large Commercial Removal in Sydney, NSW

What happens when a corporate organisation as renowned as Sydney Opera House chooses AAA City Removalist, an experienced mover, for their removal?


The Project

Sydney Opera House Furniture Removal and Installation in Sydney

About Our Client

Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings that’s a major tourist attraction, with people coming from all over the world to admire its architectural brilliance.

The Problem

AAA City Removalist was hired to handle the internal Furniture Removal & Installation at the Sydney Opera House (the furniture was being refurbished). The scope included assessing the work, coming up with an effective plan of action, dismantling, removal of 3000 bolted chairs, delivering them to the refurbishing company, and finally transporting them back to Opera House and installing them back in place.

The Solution

Initial Meeting, Job Assessment and Quotation

AAA City Removalist was 1 of 4 companies invited to quote on this tender. At our initial meeting with the client, we focused on gathering relevant information about the Removal work to be done and what was expected of us. With all the pertinent information in hand, we sat down with our team to brainstorm the best and most efficient way to carry out the removal of this magnitude. Our key goal here was to fully understand the client’s, as well as the project’s, requirements and then provide a comprehensive solution and come up with a fair quote for the project.


As was our norm for all large relocation projects, our Commercial Consultants got together to create a customised project plan to help us keep up with the timeline and avoid any mishaps that might disrupt or delay the project in any way. Our experience has taught us that extensive planning is essential to ensure the project progresses smoothly through each stage. We looked into all the variables that had the potential to derail the project, such as any height restrictions for the loading docks or special equipment or technique required to move any large or uniquely shaped furniture/objects. We listed all the potential pitfalls/problem areas and came up with efficient solutions for each of them.

With the first draft of our project plan in hand, we went back to our client for another meeting to review our plan and get their feedback on it. Typically, getting insight from the client is wise as they have the insider’s perspective and can help you put the final touches on your project plan to make it error-proof.

Operations and Team Allocation

Once the plan was approved by the Sydney Opera House, the next step was to gather our expert Moving Team and relay the plan to them. We broke down the project day-by-day and discussed what will happen each day and carefully assigned tasks to each member of the crew based on their area of expertise. With a project of this scale, we needed more than just Removalists. Since the goal was to get the job done on time with little to no delays, we assigned a project manager to oversee the entirety of the project as well as a team leader to act as a liaison between the project manager and the teams.

Once we had our hand-picked team, the next step was to brief them on the project, explain each person’s role, let them know who’ll be supervising it and the protocol to follow to resolve any issues/problems that might arise at any point quickly.

Equipment Used

Having the right equipment is crucial as it will help us carry out internal removal as efficiently as possible. For the Sydney Opera House Removal, here’s the list of equipment we used:

Execution of Project

The Sydney Opera House project was broken down into 4 major stages:

1 .Removal of 3,000 bolted chairs from the auditorium.
2 .Loading, transporting and unloading the chairs at the refurbishing company’s premises.
3 .Loading and transporting the refurbished furniture back to the Sydney Opera House.
4 .Unloading and installation of the chairs in the auditorium.

Our extensive pre-planning helped us complete each task on time and without a hitch.


Our client, the Sydney Opera House, now has a beautifully furnished auditorium. The refurbished chairs are comfortable and add to the aesthetics of the auditorium. Sydney Opera House continues to attract tourists who travel thousands of miles to come see the iconic Australian landmark and revel in its beauty.

Why did the Sydney Opera House Choose Us for Their Removal?

Corporate organisations have trusted AAA City Removalist for many years. Whether its furniture removals or a complete relocation of a corporate office, we have the resources to carry out the move with ease. Sydney Opera House hired us for the removal for the following reasons:

Our Appreciation & Thanks

We’d like to offer our special appreciation and thanks to Sydney Opera House and their staff for trusting AAA City Removalist for the removal job and for your helpful assistance in providing us with all the information we asked for so we could come up with a well-informed plan of action. Also, a massive thank you to all the staff at AAA that worked incredibly hard, with passion and dedication. After all, you know what they say: You’re only as good as your team!

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