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How Much Does A Furniture Removal Cost In Eastern Suburbs?

How Much Does A Furniture Removal Cost In Eastern Suburbs?


When moving, a furniture removalist is most often the best option if the property owner can afford a removalist. With the following tips from AAA City Removalist, you will have an ideal of how much a furniture removal will cost, as well as how to find a removalist that you can affordable.

Should You Hire A Furniture Removalist In Eastern Suburbs?

Before you decide if you should hire a Furniture Removalist Eastern Suburbs, you want to ask yourself a few questions, such as how is your strength. If you already have back problems or lack of energy, then chances are you will have a difficult time hauling the bedroom set, plasma TV, kitchen table, etc. down the stairs and out to the moving van. Relocating is stressful and the stress does not stop until you are in your new home and unpacked. Even with friends lending a hand, moving is tough and requires a great deal of discipline and strength as it is quite tiring.

While it will cost you more to hire a Removalist than get a group of friends together, you will have the peace of mind that the risk of damage to your furniture will be eliminated or reduced and that you will have a majority of the stress off of you.

What Removalists Are Responsible For

A furniture removalist is responsible for removing the furniture in the home. Most Removalists Eastern Suburbs will break down the furniture and wrap the furniture, as well. This will need to be decided at the time of the removal.

Removalists Will Be Responsible For

  • Providing the property owner with moving boxes and packing materials like tape, bubble wrap, furniture and mattress wrap, etc.
  • Offer packing and unpacking services
  • Some furniture removalists will offer cleaning services
  • Moving your items from your old location to your new location
  • Some relocation companies will provide storage if needed
  • The removalist company should provide insurance for your belongings while being transported from your old location to your new location
  • Transporting pets

How Much Will A Furniture Removal Cost?

The costs of a furniture removal will depend on various factors like the location of where you live, and the items that you have to move. You’ll find that most removalists charge by the hour, though some may have fixed rates and some may have per half hour rates. Most relocation companies will quote anywhere from $75 to $130 an hour. This rate will not include insurance and supplies like pacing materials.

For about $250 an hour, property owners can include insurance that will cover any damage to their furniture and belongings that occurs during packing, transporting and unpacking.

Some relocation companies will feature calculators on their websites, while others prefer to speak directly to the customer either through an online enquiry or over the phone to get a more accurate idea of their needs before they offer a quote. The final moving fee depends on the number of rooms and the property owners furniture, belongings, appliances, etc. and the weight and awkwardness of the items. The smaller the load, the smaller the price of the relocation.

To minimise the costs of the relocation company, move smaller, lighter boxes and furniture yourself, leaving the larger items for the removalist.

Obtaining and Comparing Furniture Removalist Quotes

The task to find and compare furniture removalists quotes is one that is not difficult. Most Relocation Companies will have an option to obtain a free quote via their website. Simply obtain multiple quotes and begin to compare. Before you choose a removalist, be sure that you understand exactly what the quote covers, such as packing and unpacking, transporting of the pets, coverage of your furniture and belongings, etc. Does the quote encompass the entire home or will you need to pay an additional amount?

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