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List of Non-Allowable Items When Packing

List of Non-Allowable Items When Packing


Packing and unpacking are the least appealing tasks after deciding to relocate. But, of course, there is always a way to get out of it. By considering AAA City Removalist, you save yourself from the inconvenience and pain of packing and unpacking. However, you will still need to handle items the professionals refuse to transport.

It is when the list of non-allowable items comes into the picture. Do not worry because the moving company will give you a list of non-allowable items when Packing. You need to know the restricted or prohibited items to plan what to do with those items.

Here’s the list of AAA City Removalist’s non-allowable items.

Hazardous materials

What are hazardous materials? These are substances that can harm health or the environment. Generally, hazardous materials are categorized as corrosive, flammable, and explosive. You’d be surprised to see hazardous materials daily. Moving companies consider the following hazardous materials:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fireworks
  • Gasoline
  • Acids
  • Ammonia
  • Aerosols
  • Ammunition
  • Fertilizer
  • Household batteries
  • Kerosene
  • Matches
  • Nail polish
  • Paints
  • Paint thinner
  • Pesticides
  • Weed Killer
  • Propane tanks


List of Non-Allowable Items When Packing

If you cannot bring these materials with you, it is better to dispose them off. But you have to be mindful of its proper disposal in compliance with your local laws to protect human health and the environment. Contacting your city for the appropriate disposal area is the best option.

Restricted items

With written notice, some moving companies can allow transport of restricted items. However, it will be at your own risk because it will be denied if you file a claim for damage or loss. Moving companies consider the following restricted items:

  • Unloaded firearms
  • Clean fuel storage like gasoline cans
  • SCUBA tanks

If there is a need to transport these items, you have to research the average season temperature during the move. It can help you plan what to exclude, especially items that can be adversely affected by cold, heat, or humidity.


Long-distance moving does not allow food items because they can attract rats and pests that can damage your space if spoiled. Moving companies consider the following perishables:

  • Frozen food
  • Refrigerated food
  • Produce
  • Opened food products
  • Indoor and outdoor plants

List of Non-Allowable Items Packing

If the move takes less than 24 hours, some companies allow these perishables to be transported. Ensure that food items are correctly packed to keep them from spoiling. You have to plan and organise to be successful at this.

Sentimental items

Sentimental items are things that include anything that brings up memories and emotions. Most moving companies avoid transporting sentimental items to limit their liability if these items are damaged or lost. After all, they are regarded as “priceless”. Moving Companies consider the following as sentimental items or personal.

  • Address book
  • Car titles
  • Collections (like coins, stamps, etc.)
  • Jewellery
  • Wedding albums
  • Videotapes
  • Financial documents
  • Medical records
  • Heirlooms
  • Artwork

Unless your sentimental item is bulky and heavy, you can carry it in the car. Then, you will feel at peace knowing that your passport, medical records, insurance policies, school records, chequebooks, financial records, title documents, etc., are within your reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a proper way to pack my things?

Packing will be entirely up to you, but some tips can make things easier. The first tip is to make sure that everything is labelled. Then, you can utilise different tags or stickers on every box. Another tip is to pack heavy objects at the bottom of the boxes and lighter things at the top. But, if you would rather rest, you should get help from AAA City Removalist.

What should I do with my perishables on moving day?

Take an inventory of your refrigerator on moving day. Secure a cooler or container with ice packs to store frozen food items. It can save your food from spoiling, especially if there are delays. However, if you have eggs or raw meat, it is better to leave them.

Is there a need to clean my old place before leaving?

As a courtesy to your landlord or the next occupant, you must clean your old place before leaving. The good news is that moving companies provide a cleaning service – of course, at an additional cost. By leaving the space clean and clutter-free, you ensure that you do not leave anything behind during the moving day.

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