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Tips for Interstate Removals

Tips for Interstate Removals


Here are a 7 Tips for Interstate Removals

Interstate moves require precision.  Precision won’t occur without proper planning and preparation.  AAA City Removalists offers the following tips for your interstate move.

A Master Plan is a Must

Organisation won’t happen without a master plan.  Sit down with the entire household and make your plan.  Your plan should include a strategy for packing, what each person in the household will be responsible for, and contacting your moving company Sydney to determine you best plan of action as well as what you will need.

Don’t Waste Time

Preparation is necessary in an interstate move.  Whether you have a moving company hired for the relocation or you plan on moving yourself, start plenty of time beforehand.  This will ensure that you are properly prepared.

Choose You Moving Method

Moving company?  Self-rented moving truck?  A team that is hired, or one that you put together yourself, whatever your moving team, get prepared beforehand.  Otherwise, your move will be chaos.  You will need to consider the cost of doing it yourself as opposed to the cost of movers completing the relocation.


Research Your Relocation Expert

Don’t hire a relocation company without researching the company.  Your mover should be licenced as well as one that is reputable in the community.  Obtain bids from no less than three moving companies.  The companies should offer in house bids, taking into account your inventory of items to move, and provide an accurate cost.

Pack Items Yourself

If you won’t be having a moving company pack and move your items, but you’ll be packing the items yourself then start packing.  Get your packing materials and begin to sort and pack room by room.  Be sure to pack an essential box that you’ll take with you or load last on your moving truck so that you have what you need when you arrive at your new location.

When packing, pack wisely.  Pack like items together.  Items from rooms and label each box.  With each box, be sure that you have the right cushion.  Pack the bottom, sides, top and in between items in the box with packing peanuts or tissue.

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