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Tips on Moving During the Rainy Season

Tips on Moving During the Rainy Season


Bad weather can be a huge obstacle to your moving plans, but realistically speaking, weather conditions are out of your control. Even after planning in advance and checking the weather forecasts rigorously, you may still find the rain pouring on your moving day. While moving during the rainy season is not the most ideal choice, you may not always have the liberty of delaying your plans. Given how unpredictable the weather can be, it is always important to prepare for a potential downpour on your move.

Moving on a rainy day will certainly come with road bumps, but there are ways to make the experience less stressful. Following different precautions can make your move safer, more organized, and overall easier. Do not let the unexpected rain ruin your plans, and take charge of your move with these quick and easy tips.

Label Items that Need to Stay Dry

Labeling your boxes is one of the best ways to stay organized when moving, especially if you have tons of belongings that can all get mixed up. This strategy will be particularly useful during the rainy season as you may have some things like appliances and electronics, which cannot get wet. Make sure to label these boxes with a “Do not get wet” sign, so movers or anyone handling your boxes will take extra precautions.

Get Professional Packing Services

Moving can be a stressful experience, regardless of the circumstances, so it is always recommended to hire professional Removalists like AAA City Removalist for help. Removalists are trained and well-versed with the mechanics of moving, so they are knowledgeable about packing, transporting boxes, and other processes. During the rainy season, it is particularly important to pack your belongings securely since the rain can easily damage your boxes.

Professional Removalists have a wide range of packing materials, along with experts who know a variety of packing methods. Thus, you can be more assured that your belongings will stay protected and secure during the move if you allow them to do the packing. You can also ask for shrink wrap packaging to keep water out of your boxes.

Alternatively, if you still prefer to do the packing on your own, some companies like AAA City Removalist provide free boxes if you are moving with them. You can get as many boxes as you need, provided that you return them in good condition.


Dress for the Weather

When you think about moving on a rainy day, your first thought will likely be to wrap up your boxes and protect them from getting wet. However, do not forget that you also need proper protection against the rain as downpours can enhance the risk of accidents and injuries. Putting on rain gear can prevent these accidents from occurring. Bring out your non-slip shoes, raincoats, umbrellas, hats, and any other protective gear that may help you withstand the rain.

Prepare Your New Home

Another reason why hiring professional movers can come in handy is that it gives you time to prepare your new home before they arrive. Expect the Furniture Movers to be going in and out of the house to carry boxes inside, so make sure to put a doormat for people to wipe their shoes before entering. Bring out some old towels that the movers can use to dry off their hands or wipe their face, so they can avoid getting your boxes wet. Likewise, use the towels to wipe down your boxes once they are dropped inside so that you can get rid of any excess water.

Slippery surfaces may also become an issue on rainy days, so avoid using plastic sheeting. Instead, see if you have some old cardboard boxes that you can lay out on the floor to avoid getting the floor slippery as movers walk in and out. Additionally, you can turn up the heat inside your home to reduce the moisture and stay warm and cozy.

Try to have the moving truck parked as close to your home as possible to minimize the distance needed to bring the boxes inside. Another way to manage the system is to have some Removalists stay outside, and the others stay inside your house. This way, the removalists outside can grab boxes from the truck and pass them to the removalists inside without getting your home wet.

The tips above are some of the ways in which you can move smoothly during the rainy season. While it is possible to do it despite the weather obstacles, take note that in some cases, Removalists may opt to postpone a move if the weather is deemed too dangerous. This may happen if the roads become impassable and it starts flooding in certain areas. It can be a stressful time indeed, so always remember to stay calm and level-headed so that you can make the best decisions.

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